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Why Resilient Spirals?

         To be resilient is to be “characterized or marked by resilience: such as a : capable of withstanding shock without permanent deformation or rupture b : tending to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.” When we adapt gracefully through the challenges that we face and then thrive from our choices, resilience is fortified for the time being. As in all of life, harmony and moderation, cycles and rhythms if observed and respected can provide what is needed for life to be supported and much more. As this pattern repeats and adapts again and again abundance can be experienced.
        In our societies in which one persons stimulation is many others suffering, our experiencing are devoid of much if any abundance that doesn’t have a huge shadow over many beings, including our most beloved Earth. The trauma and blessings of being alive at this time are overwhelming for many and to much for some. We’re trying to remain steady, hold our balance, among the increasing dis-ease and devastation in political and weather patterns.
       Why do we support any system that proliferates life destructive behavior?
       What is the story you want to see come to life? 
       How do we best address big issues collectively to bring about change?
Ready for more…if yes, then lets keep our aim on Life by design, not by default, and keep the exploration growing.
*Bridget O’Brien ~ ResilientSpirals@gmail.com