Based upon the experiences of years of practical projects, teaching, community engagement and reflection upon these. Drawing together gardening, horticulture, art, conservation, sustainability practices, self-care, nutrition, environmental education, Permaculture design and implementation, social ecology, ecopsychology & Indigenous land management to offer:

Design process facilitation with the ‘Adapt’ design game & tool kit

We are all designers. We are always making decision about our lives big and small.  We always have aims we would like to achieve. From time to time we get stuck in a way of thinking or with a particular challenge. A fresh perspective and innovative approach can help us break free of these blocks.  Over years of study and practical application Bridget has developed a facilitation process and tool kit for designing all aspects of life.  This can be used to help people and organizations achieve their aims. Design process facilitation can assist you to overcome your challenges and to make confident decisions about your garden, your political campaign, an event, meeting or a kitchen renovation…and that is just the beginning.

3, 9, 15, and 20 hour packages are available

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Workshops & Presentations

Each workshop focuses on a particular theme, approach, challenge or opportunity & can be delivered in a range of possible formats from interactive lecture, to workshops of varying lengths, or retreats. We believe that skills, practices, ideas and values are inextricably enfolded – & any effective workshop explores both practices and our ideas about these.

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Land Design

Our design services include consultations, planning, installation, research and reporting for gardens and farms. We’re experienced, flexible, practical, imaginative and resourceful, bringing together inspiration and experience to create joyful, inclusive and practical outcomes. We are dedicated to protecting and revitalizing sacred places.  To learn more click here.


Floral Art

Playing with botanicals is one of Bridget’s long time passions, from wreaths/wall hangings and sculpture making to event decorations. She uses the bounty found around her to craft beauty. Harvesting from the garden or favorite local growers each arrangement is unique to the event and season.

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Fermentation is a beautiful thing. It preserves, it expands our palate, it fuels us. It is a age old natural process the transforms ordinary to extraordinary.

Specializing in fermented beverages Bridget adores local flavors of honey, apples, herbs and fruits to make Jun, mead and cider. Using a love of gardening and wild places to harvest bountiful  ingredients.  While taking time to experiment with  vegetables, milk and grain fermentation.

There is a bountiful harvest around us to play with, if we know how.